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  1. SphinxQL Query Builder generates SphinxQL, a SQL dialect, which is used to query the Sphinx search engine. (Composer Package)

    PHP 306 91

  2. FoolFuuka Public archive

    FoolFuuka is a high performance imageboard software that is fully customizable. It contains a powerful administration system, extendable plugin engine, and etc. (FoolCode Package)

    PHP 179 39

  3. FoOlSlide Public archive

    [NO LONGER MAINTAINED] Online Comics Publishing Software for Authors and Teams

    PHP 116 70

  4. Plugin Public

    Plugin and Event engine that allows for the implementation of plugins to customize and extend your software with ease. (Composer Package)

    PHP 55 16

  5. FoolSlide2 Public archive

    The most powerful Comic Reader ever created by the human race

    PHP 14 4

  6. Foolz CMS/Framework that provides an administration panel, authentication, software upgrades, and etc. It serves as the basis for many of the software written by FoolCode.

    PHP 12 7


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