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Animated shuffling of child components on change
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Maintenance Status


Animated shuffling of child components


npm install react-shuffle



Simply wrap child components with this component and dynamically change them to see them animate. The only real requirement is that each child has a non-index based key, for proper position identification.


Prop PropType Description
duration React.PropTypes.number Duration of animation
fade React.PropTypes.bool Should children fade on enter/leave
scale React.PropTypes.bool Should children scale on enter/leave
intial React.PropTypes.bool Should scale/fade occur on first load


'use strict';

var React = require('react');

var Shuffle = require('react-shuffle');

const App = React.createClass({
  render() {
    return (
       {// Method to render children goes here}

module.exports = App;

Shout out

react-shuffle is heavily inspired by Ryan Florences Magic Move demo

Maintenance Status

Archived: This project is no longer maintained by Formidable. We are no longer responding to issues or pull requests unless they relate to security concerns. We encourage interested developers to fork this project and make it their own!

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