A set of general purpose and game oriented libraries for FreeBASIC
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[Building the libraries from source]
[Building the examples]
[Building the documentation]
[Uninstalling the libraries]
[Getting help]

[Building the libraries from source]

To build and install the library, you must have a GNU Make-compatible program.
DOS users can use the DJGPP development system, which can be found here,


Windows users can use MSYS, which can be found here,


Linux users typically have GNU Make-compatible program already on the system.
Also, development packages of some external libraries may be needed to build
the FreeBASIC Extended Library on Linux (see [Dependencies] below).

To build the libraries, enter the root dir--the one containing this file--and
type the following commands,

	make MT=1

This will build two static libraries: a single- and a multi- threaded version.
The multi-threaded version of the library need not be built if the library is
not going to be used in a multi-threaded application.

To install the libraries, enter the root dir and type,

	make install

Linux users may need to run the command with root privilages. This will install
the libraries and header files in the default FreeBASIC installation directory.
If you wish to install to a different directory, type,

	make install INSTALLDIR=path

If your Linux build is set up as standalone you will need to install using this

	make install INSTALLDIR=/prefix STANDALONE=1

In either case, the libraries will be installed under lib/<target>, where
<target> is one of dos, win32 or linux, and the header files will be placed in

NOTE: path must be an absolute path. By default msys mounts drive C: at /c, so
the directory C:\mydir must be specified as /c/mydir.

Other options available to the makefile are:

	NDEBUG - use NDEBUG=1 to build the non-debug version of the library
	VERBOSE - VERBOSE=0 produces little output, VERBOSE=2 produces extra
		output, the default is VERBOSE=1.
	TARGET - not required on Linux or Windows, use TARGET=dos on DOS.
	PROFILE - use PROFILE=1 to add profiling information to the library.
	EXX - use EXX=1 to add null pointer and out of bounds checking.
	OPT - use OPT="other fbc options" to add options to the compilers
		command line.

[Building the examples]

After the libraries are built, you may wish to build the example programs
included in the package. Enter the root directory and type,

	make examples

This will build the example programs under <root>/examples.

[Building the documentation]

The FreeBASIC Extended Library uses NaturalDocs to build its documentation,
which can be found here:


Building the documentation should not be necessary, as up-to-date online
documentation can be found at


but should you decide to do so, the process is familiar: enter the root
directory and type,

	make docs
	make install-docs

This will build and install HTML documentation under <path>/doc/ext/HTML, where
path is the default FreeBASIC installation directory. Again, to install to a
different directory, use the INSTALLDIR make option.

[Uninstalling the libraries]

To uninstall the FreeBASIC Extended Library, enter the root directory and type,

	make uninstall

If you installed the library in a different location using the INSTALLDIR
make option, then you must use the same option here, like,

	make uninstall INSTALLDIR=path

This will remove all of the installed files, but none of the directories
created under <path>.


Some portions of the FreeBASIC Extended Library may depend on external
libraries in order to link properly. At this time, these libraries are:

	the FreeType Project (http://www.freetype.org/)
	zlib (http://www.zlib.net/)
	jpeg (http://www.ijg.org/)
	sqlite3 (http://www.sqlite.org/)

Windows shared libraries (DLLs) are included in the package and can be found
under <root>/bin/*.dll. These shared libraries must be placed either in a
known path, or in the directory in which your appplication is located.

Linux users will need to acquire the following packages (and their development
packages, when building the FreeBASIC Extended Library):


[Getting help]

Official website - http://ext.freebasic.net
Documentation - http://ext.freebasic.net/dev-docs/
IRC - #freebasic-ext on irc.freenode.net
Mailing List: freebasic-extended-library-discussion@googlegroups.com