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Developing an AngularJS application for a community project with Free Code Camp OKC
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Angular Chat App

An Angular Chat App built for Free Code Camp Oklahoma City.


  • Install Git
  • Install Node
    • You can verify whether node is installed by running node -v
    • This will return the version number if it is installed, and an error if it isn't.
  • If these commands don't work, try adding sudo to the beginning of them:
    • Run npm update -g npm to update npm
    • Run npm install -g grunt-cli to install Grunt CLI
    • Run npm install -g karma-cli to install Karma CLI
    • Run npm install -g bower to install Bower

##To Start

  • Fork the repository, and create a local clone of your fork
  • Run bower install in the /public directory
  • In the root directory (the folder containing the package.json file), run npm install to install required modules
  • In the /public directory run bower install to install the required front end libraries
  • Run the grunt command in the command line. This will run the following tasks:
    • Concat files (combine all the source code into a single JavaScript file)
    • Start server
  • Navigate your browser to localhost:3000

##File Tree The server is located in the /server directory.
The front end files are located in /public/ directory.

##Angular Style Guide Style Guide

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