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A vim plugin that interfaces with purs ide, PureScript's editor support server.


Installing the plugin via Vundle/NeoBundle/etc:

NeoBundle "frigoeu/psc-ide-vim"

If you manually install the plugin don't forget to generate help tags with :helptags vim commands:

helptags ~/.vim/bundles/psc-ide-vim/doc

Just change the path to one that points to the doc dir.

Syntax checking

This plugin provides two kinds of syntax checking with syntastic. Controlling which one you use happens via the global variable g:psc_ide_syntastic_mode.

  • if 0 -> syntax checking is disabled, but :Prebuild will run whenever the file is saved (an your quickfix will be synced)
  • if 1 (default) -> syntax checking happens with the fast-rebuild feature of psc-ide. This only checks the file that you're currently saving. You need psc version >= for this to work.
  • if 2 -> use pulp build. This rebuilds the whole project and is often quite a bit slower, so using the fast-rebuild mode is advised.

:PSCIDE syntastic gif


Check :help psc-ide-vim or here.


No custom mappings are provided, but it's easy to map the above commands to any key mapping you want. You can add these mappings to after/ftplugin/purescript.vim:

nm <buffer> <silent> <leader>L :Plist<CR>
nm <buffer> <silent> <leader>l :Pload!<CR>
nm <buffer> <silent> <leader>r :Prebuild!<CR>
nm <buffer> <silent> <leader>f :PaddClause<CR>
nm <buffer> <silent> <leader>t :PaddType<CR>
nm <buffer> <silent> <leader>a :Papply<CR>
nm <buffer> <silent> <leader>A :Papply!<CR>
nm <buffer> <silent> <leader>C :Pcase!<CR>
nm <buffer> <silent> <leader>i :Pimport<CR>
nm <buffer> <silent> <leader>qa :PaddImportQualifications<CR>
nm <buffer> <silent> <leader>g :Pgoto<CR>
nm <buffer> <silent> <leader>p :Pursuit<CR>
nm <buffer> <silent> <leader>T :Ptype<CR>

Omnicompletion and user completion

Omnicompletion gets possibilities based on the word under your cursor, and shows the types.

:PSCIDE omnicompletion gif


  • Vim version 8 or higher or NeoVim version 0.2.0 or higher.
  • purs installed and available on your path
  • purescript-vim
  • bower.json, psc-package.json or spago.dhall file in the root path of your project


Add the following to have psc-ide-vim spit out all logs:

let g:psc_ide_log_level = 3