A statistics-duelling deck generator using data from wikipedia
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Trop Tumps

A statistics-duelling deck generator using data from wikipedia.

Trop Tumps chooses random categories from dbpedia.org and turns them into (mostly-useless) printable decks of cards representing things from that category, complete with exciting statistics.


Note: Trop Tumps requires Python 3.6+

The simplest way to install Trop Tumps is using pip. With Python and pip installed, Trop Tumps can simply be installed directly from the source repository with:

pip install git+https://github.com/Frimkron/troptumps#egg=troptumps

Later you can uninstall with:

pip uninstall troptumps


If you have installed Trop Trumps, it can be run using the troptumps executable (troptumps.exe on Windows), otherwise the package can be run directly with python -m troptumps.

The script will connect to dbpedia.org and keep trying to find a suitable category of things to turn into a card deck. Eventually, with a bit of luck, a directory named deck_(something) will be written to the current working directory, containing a printable .pdf file.

To re-generate the PDF for an existing deck (e.g. to change the paper size), use the --datadir option to indicate the path of a deck_ directory. The PDF will be overwritten.

Use the --help flag to see the full list of options.


Trop Tumps is released under the GPL 3 licence. For the full text of this licence see LICENCE.txt.


Created by Mark Frimston

Github https://github.com/Frimkron Website http://markrimston.co.uk Email mark@markfrimston.co.uk Twitter @frimkron