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app app: use integer not unsigned integer for GimpGeglConfig::num-processors Jun 28, 2017
build build: replace `flatpak build-export` by `flatpak-builder --export-only` Jun 20, 2017
cursors app, cursors: add a cursor for the warp tool May 30, 2017
data data: add a basic "Pressure Size" dynamics. Jun 13, 2017
desktop desktop: make the appstream metainfo file translatable. Jun 17, 2017
devel-docs devel-docs: some fixes in libgimpwidgets-sections.txt Jun 6, 2017
docs docs, etc: regenerated the default gimprc and the gimprc manpage Jul 12, 2016
etc Better typography in template names Jun 12, 2017
icons Cherry-pick template updates from icons-wip branch by Klaus Staedtler Jun 12, 2017
libgimp libgimp*: tab cleaning. Jun 17, 2017
libgimpbase libgimp*: tab cleaning. Jun 17, 2017
libgimpcolor libgimpcolor: support CAIRO_FORMAT_A8 in gimp_cairo_surface_get_format() Jun 16, 2017
libgimpconfig libgimp*: tab cleaning. Jun 17, 2017
libgimpmath libgimp*: various doc fixes Jun 3, 2017
libgimpmodule Remove the "GIMP" from all "Since: GIMP 2.x" API doc comments May 31, 2015
libgimpthumb enums: run gimp-mkenums from the build dir May 23, 2017
libgimpwidgets libgimpwidgets: fix some weird indentation. Jun 27, 2017
m4macros m4macros: add ax_gcc_func_attribute.m4 Jun 1, 2017
menus app: take the handle transform tool out of the playground Jun 19, 2017
modules Bug 782840 - CMYK color selector broken when a CMYK profile is config… May 19, 2017
plug-ins plug-ins: move conditional gimp_install_procedure() of file-darktable... Jun 27, 2017
po-libgimp Updated Italian translation Jun 28, 2017
po-plug-ins Update and POTFILES.skip Jun 27, 2017
po-python Update and POTFILES.skip Jun 27, 2017
po-script-fu Update and POTFILES.skip Jun 27, 2017
po-tags Update Occitan translation Oct 16, 2016
po-tips Update Catalan translation Mar 27, 2017
po app: remove GimpRectangleTool, all users were ported to tool widgets Jun 28, 2017
themes themes: add commented-out font_name property in "System" theme. Mar 24, 2017
tools app: rename gimpimage-pick-layer.[ch] to gimpimage-pick-item.[ch] Jun 22, 2017
.dir-locals.el .dir-locals.el: configure emacs to show trailing whitespace Aug 24, 2016
.gitignore Added INSTALL to the list of ignored files as it is now a generated f… Feb 3, 2014
.kateconfig Add .kateconfig with modelines for Kate Aug 23, 2016
AUTHORS authors.xml: add Nikc M. and Lionel N. Jun 21, 2017
COPYING Change licence to GPLv3 (and to LGPLv3 for libgimp). Jan 17, 2009
ChangeLog.pre-1-0 changelog split up Jun 7, 1998
ChangeLog.pre-1-2 converted to utf-8 May 10, 2004
ChangeLog.pre-2-0 vte sucks May 20, 2004
ChangeLog.pre-2-2 Copied current ChangeLog away and truncated it. Dec 19, 2004
ChangeLog.pre-2-4 renamed the pre-2.4 ChangeLog Oct 23, 2007
ChangeLog.pre-2-6 Applied changes based on official version of TinyScheme (CVS commit d… Aug 4, 2009
ChangeLog.pre-git Applied changes based on official version of TinyScheme (CVS commit d… Aug 4, 2009
HACKING HACKING: add a comment about the 3 config files for common editors. Aug 23, 2016 INSTALL: add GIO and glib-networking in the list of required packages. May 10, 2017
LICENSE cosmetics. Aug 15, 2003
MAINTAINERS Update GIMP project meta information. Aug 7, 2014 tools/ must be built after libgimpbase/. Feb 15, 2016
NEWS NEWS: remove trailing whitespace and use consistent tense. Jun 16, 2017
NEWS.pre-2-0 moved old NEWS to this new file. Apr 5, 2004
NEWS.pre-2-2 added NEWS for the stable branch (no, we haven't branched yet). Dec 22, 2004
NEWS.pre-2-4 NEWS and ChangeLog changes for GIMP 2.4 Oct 23, 2007
NEWS.pre-2-6 bumped version to 2.6.1 (interface age 1). Sep 30, 2008
NEWS.pre-2-8 NEWS.pre-2-8: new file preserving the history that lead to 2.8 Nov 22, 2015
README README: trailing space, typo fix and adding gimp-gui-list. Jan 8, 2016
README.i18n Convert Subversion references to git Apr 25, 2009
acinclude.m4 m4macros: add ax_gcc_func_attribute.m4 Jun 1, 2017
authors.dtd authors.dtd: Update Jan 28, 2011
authors.xml authors.xml: add Nikc M. and Lionel N. Jun 21, 2017
authors.xsl Also put maintainers separately in AUTHORS Jan 27, 2011 autogen: fix and improve automake/aclocal detection. Mar 24, 2017
config.h.win32 updated msvc build add ENABLE_TOOLBOX_MENU, it should only vanish on Mac Oct 27, 2007 configure: clean a bit libtiff check. Jun 27, 2017 Drop the timestamp from the zip file names. Add the .pc files to the Nov 13, 2007
gimp.doap Added doap description translation in Italian. Aug 8, 2014 Bump some other places the GEGL version is checked Jun 5, 2013 use GCheckSum instead of the MD5 routine from libgimpmath. Mar 28, 2008 require gimp-2.0 >= $GIMP_APP_VERSION. Feb 5, 2007


                   GNU Image Manipulation Program
                       2.9 Development Branch

This is an unstable development release, an intermediate state on the
way to the next stable release 2.10. GIMP 2.9 may or may not do what
you expect. Save your work early and often. If you want a stable
version, please use GIMP 2.8 instead.

GIMP 2.9 replaces earlier GIMP 2.x versions. It is advised that you
uninstall them before installing GIMP 2.9. If you want to keep your
older GIMP 2.x installation in parallel to GIMP 2.9, you have to
choose a separate prefix which is not in your default library search
path. Otherwise your previous GIMP installation will start to use the
new libraries. You have been warned.

If you think you found a bug in this version, please make sure that it
hasn't been reported earlier and that it is not just new stuff that is
still being worked on and obviously not quite finished yet.

If you want to hack on GIMP, please read the file HACKING. For
detailed installation instructions, see the file INSTALL.

1. Web Resources

GIMP's home page is at:

Please be sure to visit this site for information, documentation,
tutorials, news, etc.  All things GIMP-ish are available from there.

The automated plug-in registry is located at:

There you can get the latest versions of plug-ins, using a convenient
forms-based interface.

The latest version of GIMP can be found at:

2. Mailing Lists

We have several mailing lists dedicated to GIMP user and development
discussion.  There is more info at

Links to several archives of the mailing lists are included in that page.

Gimp-user-list is a mailing list dedicated to user problems, hints and
tips, discussion of cool effects, etc.  Gimp-developer-list is oriented
to GIMP core and plug-in developers.  Gimp-gui-list is for discussing
about GIMP interface to improve user experience. Most people will only
want to be subscribed to gimp-user-list. If you want to help develop
GIMP, the gimp-developer mailing list is a good starting point; if you
want to help with GUI design, the gimp-gui list is where you want to

3. IRC

And finally, for the real junkies, there is an IRC channel devoted to
GIMP. On GIMPNet (a private free software oriented network) there is
#gimp.  Many of the developers hang out there.  Some of the GIMPNet
servers are:

4. Customizing

The look of GIMP's interface can be customized like any other GTK app
by editing the ~/.gtkrc-2.0 file or by using "themes" (ready-made
customizations).  For downloadable themes and further details, see . Additionally, GIMP reads the file
~/.config/GIMP/2.9/gtkrc so you can have settings that only apply to GIMP.

Included is a set of keybindings similar to those in Adobe Photoshop.
You can find them in the ps-menurc file.  To use them, copy this file
to ~/.config/GIMP/2.9/menurc. You can also manually change the keybindings to
any of your choice by editing ~/.config/GIMP/2.9/menurc.

Have fun,

  Spencer Kimball
  Peter Mattis
  Federico Mena
  Manish Singh
  Sven Neumann
  Michael Natterer
  Dave Neary
  Martin Nordholts