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This repo contains the list of public government managed domains that exist outside of the top-level .gov and .mil domains. Please see for full information on the effort.


Review the list

The list is availble in multiple views:

  1. The full list
  2. Federal government only
  3. State government only
  4. Regional governmental bodies only
  5. County government only
  6. Local government only
  7. Native Sovereign Nation government only
  8. Quasigovernmental domains only

Deprecated and other out of use domains will be removed as they are discovered.

Send your contributions

We welcome updates and additions. Submit a new issue to contribute directly to this list or email us at

Please include:

  • Domain
  • Managing agency
  • Location (State), if applicable
  • Any notes about the purpose or scope of the site

Note that totally new websites must be within .gov or .mil, pre-existing websites may be submitted for an exception (see Section E).

The old API

If you're looking for the API that used to be located in this repo, we've archived it in a branch.


Most government websites end in .gov or .mil, but many do not. This repo contains's list of public government domains and URLs that don't end in .gov or .mil.



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