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GWT Java bindings for React Router
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GWT Java bindings for React Router


gwt-react-router provides Java GWT bindings based on the new JsInterop capabilities introduced in GWT 2.8 for react-router 2.4.1

This project depends on gwt-react

Consider this project a preview. The API is only partially complete at this point and is highly likely to change.

Getting Started

Please take a look at the gwt-react-examples project for details on how to use the library.

You can download the latest release .jar from Maven Central using the following coordinates:

  • groupId    com.github.gwtreact
  • artifactId  gwt-react-router
  • version    1.0.0


  • Finish and test the complete API
  • Add some more samples to gwt-react-examples

Change log

Date Version Description
5/02/2017 1.0.0 Support React 16.3 and GWT 2.8.2
4/29/2017 0.5.0 Update to GWT 2.8.1
3/18/2017 0.4.0 Refactored to use more future proof ES6 styled stateful components and added Preact support
6/18/2016 0.3.0 Support React Router 2.4.1 and GWT 2.8 final release
6/18/2016 0.2.0 Update to use gwt-interop-utils library
5/25/2016 0.1.1 Fix incorrect inherits
5/13/2016 0.1.0 Initial preview release to Maven Central
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