Python examples for the HobbyTronics Serial-TFT board.
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Python library for the HobbyTronics Serial-TFT board:

Requires python-pyserial.

Version 1.1: Updated to work in Python3.x in addition to Python2.x

Version 1.2: Added deconstructor and enter/exit handlers for use using 'with' syntax Constructor is now: SerialTFT( device, baud_rate, clean_on_exit )

If you want to leave your last sent commands on the LCD, specify False for clean_on_exit This is useful for bringing up a script, writing a notification to the LCD and exiting


with SerialTFT('/dev/ttyAMA0',9600,False) as tft tft.write('Hello world')

The included example can be run on a Raspberry Pi to display an analog clock

This over-the-top demo renders a 3d starfield onto the TFT... slowly!


To use thmes and user colours, you must use my modified firmware.

You can find it here:

You will need an FTDI USB to Serial adaptor board to program the ATMega328 on the HobbyTronics Serial-TFT board.

You can find it here: