Adaptive Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
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Adaptive Screen Space Ambient Occlusion

Demo solution is in /ASSAO.sln and requires Visual Studio 2015 to build

Pre-built demo binary is in /Projects/ASSAO/ASSAO.exe

All files required to port/implement the effect are in (ASSAO.h, ASSAODX11.cpp and ASSAO.hlsl) and the complete usage example is in

To embed the shader source into the compiled binary, the 'USE_EMBEDDED_SHADER' in the ASSAOWrapperDX11 line 35 approach can be used. In that case, ASSAO.h, ASSAOdX11.cpp and ASSAO_shader.c (generated when you build sample Release) are required for implementing the effect.

For details please go to:

For any questions please feel free to contact the author at