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Java console based Calculator
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This is a console based Java calculator which can perform following tasks

1. Arithmetic Calculation

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division

2. Exponential Calculations

  • Square
  • Cube
  • x to the power y
  • Squareroot

3. Trignometric Calculations

In Radians

  • sine
  • consine
  • Tangent

without radians

  • Angle whose sine is
  • Angle whose consine is
  • Angle whose tangent is
  • Angle whose trangent is x/y is
  • logarithm

4.Logical Calculations

  • Factorial
  • Factors
  • check for even or odd
  • check for prime number
  • check for pallindrome number
  • check leap yearor not
  • Fibonacci Series
  • check for armstrong number
  • check perfect number or not


  • Maximum
  • Minimum
  • Round up
  • Accounting
    • S.I.
    • C.I.
    • Amount on S.I. -Amount on C.I.
  • Perimeter of a Figure
  • Area/Total Surface Area of a Figure
  • Volume of a Figure


The main function is inside


  • Garvit Kothari - Initial work - Garvit-k
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