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GeoStat Examples

Example workflows using the GeoStat-Framework infrastructure


  1. In this example we are going to interpolate temperature data from the german weather service (DWD) downlaoded through the python package wetterdienst.

    Python 3

  2. Here we investigate the impact of different types of transmissivity connectivity on contaminant transport.

    Python 1 1

  3. This example generates an ensemble of pump tests in heterogeneous media with ogs5py and analyses the mean drawdown.

    Python 2

  4. Some geostatistical exercises on the Herten aquifer analogue.

    Python 2

  5. This is an example demonstrating the extended GRF model.

    Python 1

  6. Workflow to analyse two field sites: "Horkheimer Insel" and "Lauswiesen".

    Python 1


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