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Backpack plugin for Bukkit/Spigot/Paper
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Minepacks is a backpack plugin for minecraft server running bukkit or spigot.

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  • Configuration
  • Backpack size controlled by permissions
  • Auto item-collect on full inventory (can be enabled in the config)
  • Multiple storage back-ends (Files, SQLite, MySQL)
  • Multi language support (multiple language file included)
  • Item filter (block items from being stored in the backpack)
  • Preserves the NBT data of items (everything that can be stored in a chest can be stored in the backpack)
  • Support for name changing / UUIDs
  • Auto-updater
  • API for developers


Runtime requirements:

Build requirements:

  • JDK for Java 8
  • Maven 3
  • git

Build from source:

The plugin can be build in 3 different configurations.
All the details about the different build configs and runtime modes can be found here.

Normal version:

git clone
cd Minepacks
mvn package

The final file will be in the target folder, named Minepacks-<CurrentVersion>.jar.

Standalone version:

This version works without the PCGF-PluginLib, however some API features are not available.

git clone
cd Minepacks
mvn package -P Standalone,ExcludeBadRabbit

The final file will be in the target folder, named Minepacks-<CurrentVersion>-Standalone.jar.

Release version:

This is the version of the plugin published on and

git clone
cd Minepacks
mvn clean install -P Standalone,ExcludeBadRabbit
mvn clean package -P Release

The final file will be in the target folder, named Minepacks-<CurrentVersion>-Release.jar.


Minepacks V2 comes with an API that allows you to interact with this plugin. If you think there is something missing in the API feel free to open a feature request. Please do not access data of the plugin in any other way than through the provided API, the inner workings will change and I won't keep track of what you are using in your plugin. For more details about the API please check the following links:

Source Code & DetailsJavaDocBuild Server



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