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PHP WebSocket Chat
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Based on the first implementation of WebSockets in PHP, here comes a Web Chat with a little twist.
It uses little monsters as avatars thanks to gravatar and monster_id.

Get the code from the download zone!

Again, as of Feb/10 the only browsers that support websockets are Google Chrome and Safari nightlies.

Client side

var host = "ws://localhost:12345/phpwebsocketchat/chatserver.php";
  socket = new WebSocket(host);
  socket.onopen    = function(evt){ welcome(); };
  socket.onmessage = function(evt){ process(; };
  socket.onclose   = function(evt){ goodbye(); };
catch(ex){ log(ex); }

View source code of chatclient.php

Server side

list($resource,$host,$origin) = getheaders($buffer);
$upgrade = "HTTP/1.1 101 Web Socket Protocol Handshake\r\n" .
           "Upgrade: WebSocket\r\n" .
           "Connection: Upgrade\r\n" .
           "WebSocket-Origin: " . $origin . "\r\n" .
           "WebSocket-Location: ws://" . $host . $resource . "\r\n" .
$handshake = true;

View source code of chatserver.php

Steps to run the test:

  • Download all files to a folder in your local server running Apache and PHP.
  • From the command line, run the chatserver.php program to listen for socket connections.
  • Open Google Chrome and point to the chatclient.php page
  • Done, your browser now has a full-duplex channel with the server.
  • Start chatting with your friends in real time!

WebSockets for the masses!


George Nava

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