A tags input component based on Vue.js
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This Project Is Deprecated


kerboard supported(left, right, backspace, tab).


  • vue: ^2.1.0


<div id="example">


Live example


  • tags(array<{ text: string, readOnly: ?boolean, invalid: ?boolean }>, required): your tags to render
  • placeholder(string): a hint to the user
  • klass(object): override the class name (see below)


  • tags-change: (index: number, text: ?string) => void text will be undefined if the tag was removed
  • focus: (index: number) => void
  • blur: (index: number) => void

Class Names

    container: 'tags-input',
    input: 'input',
    placeholder: 'placeholder',
    gap: 'gap',
    tag: 'tag'

Migration from 0.x

Because of the two-way props was obsoleted in Vue@2, we should deal with tags by one-way props and onChange callback explicitly. So most states will be handled in your scope. See the full example.