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LINQPad.QueryPlanVisualizer NuGet Version Apache license

SQL Server query execution plan visualizer for LINQPad.


  • View query execution plan inside LINQPad
  • View missing indexes for query
  • Create missing indexes directly from LINQPad
  • Open plan in SQL Server Management Studio or other default app
  • Save plan to xml file

Getting Started

Install from Nuget

If you have Developer or higher edition of LINQPad you can use LINQPadQueryPlanVisualizer package from Nuget to add the visualizer to your queries.

Install as plugin

To install the visualizer as a LINQPad plugin download the latest release and drop the visualizer dll directly inside LINQPad's plugins folder (by default found at My Documents\LINQPad Plugins). The plugin will be automatically available in all queries.

Viewing query plan

To view query plan or missing indexes call static QueryPlanVisualizer.DumpPlan(query) method or call DumpPlan extension method on any IQueryable instance. You will also need to add ExecutionPlanVisualizer to namespaces list (click F4 to open the dialog). If you want to dump query result too just pass true as a second parameter.

Query execution plan: query plan

Missing index: missing indexes