A Rust GitHub v3 API client.
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Rust's GitHub v3 API

A Rust library to communicate with GitHub via the official v3 REST API.


You can find the automaticly generated docs for the last published version here.


Feel free to submit issues and enhancement requests.


I follow the fork-and-pull git workflow for code contributions:

  1. Fork the repo on GitHub
  2. Warn me by mail or by corresponding on the relevant issue to indicate what you're working on
  3. Commit changes to a branch in your fork
  4. Make sure to pull the latest changes (rebase when possible) if not done yet!
  5. If you have conflicts, you should merge them, but try to prevent where possible!
  6. Pull request "upstream" with your changes

You can contribute by improving code, resolve an open issue or add a new feature. In case you can't help with code due to skill-, time- or energy-limitations, but you do have suggestions or errors to report, than feel free to open an issue.

Still not sure how you can contribute? Contact me and we'll find something :)


This repository and all its content falls under the MIT license.