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This is a hotfix to apply the following important revert from Valve:


Additionally, the release files for Proton-6.21-GE-1 have been removed to aide in further preventing people from accidentally launching Destiny 2 and getting themselves banned, per the above hotfix.

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UPDATE 11/15/21:

Assets removed due to required hotfix. Please use 6.21-GE-2.

-Proton BattlEye patches added
-Proton CEG patches added
-Proton Forza Horizon 5 patches added
-Proton Guardians of the Galaxy patches added
-Proton Fallout76 patches added
-Proton Baldur's Gate 3 patches added
-Proton Age of Empires IV driver nag fix patch added
-Proton fsync patches updated to futex_waitv version
-Fix for error when using file browser to pick a file location added (this occurred usually in applications when you tried to specify an existing file location)
-Fix for broken mouse input in Borderlands and R6S added (was not present in 6.20, issue appeared in 6.21)
-Fix for the beamng mouse issue updated so that it does not affect non-steam games
-Bcrypt patches updated (steep works again, thanks openglfreak!)
-vulkan childwindow patches updated
-vkd3d Forza Horizon 5 patches added
-vkd3d Guardians of the Galaxy patches added
-vkd3d updated to latest git
-dxvk updated to latest git
-protonfixes uplay overlay disable function has been fixed to apply correctly when used.
-wine mono version updated
-protonfix added for ship graveyard simulator (and prologue, Thanks Alistair Leslie-Hughes!)

-Fsync has been disabled on all Uplay titles -- it causes Uplay to hang on "Looking for patches" when initiationg a new prefix. Esync works fine.
-Various Uplay titles that have a vulkan native mode (Rainbow 6 siege) need the overlay disabled in order not to crash. DX11 mode works fine.
-For games that have a protonfix that uses the uplay overlay disable -- if creating a new prefix you will need to relaunch the game a second time. Uplay completely removes any pre-existing configurations on first launch, so any appending to the file gets removed. Upon re-launch the option will be re-appended and uplay will then see it.
-uplay likes to hang out after the game has closed -- make sure you close it in the task manager.

BattlEye games tested and working:

Ark: Survival Evolved

BattlEye games tested and not working:

Mount & Blade: Bannerlord -- hitting this issue: ValveSoftware#3706 (comment)

CEG games tested and working:

Bioshock Infinite
Just Cause 2
Black Ops II Campaign
Sid Meier's Civilization V
Mafia II (Classic)

CEG games tested and not working:

Black Ops II Zombies Mode -- exemption occurs a few seconds after getting to main menu
Black Ops II Multiplayer -- same issue as zombies mode
Warhammer: Space Marine -- bugsplats
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light -- just hangs in the background infinitely until force killed

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-wine: Added fix for broken right click camera control in
-wine: Revert some upstream commits to re-allow mfplat patches (it was disabled in wine-staging 6.20 due to patches needing a rebase)
-wine: Add patch to fix Eve online launcher (thanks Tr4sk!)
-wine: Add patch to workaround The Good Life video playback (thanks popsUlfr!)
-wine: Add patch to fix Castlevania Advance Collection and a few other Konami "collection" games (thanks Raptor85!)
-wine: rebased proton patches for 6.20
-wine: updated to 6.20
-protonfixes: Added vcrun2019 to Injustice 2 -- fixes multiplayer desync
-protonfixes: Removed no-longer needed .NET installation from Batman Arkham Asylum protonfix (allows it to work again)
-protonfixes: Added xaudio3_7 protonfix for Resident Evil 4 (fixes crash on loading from save)
-protonfixes: Removed no-longer needed xlive override for Fallout 3 (thanks manueliglesiasgarcia!)
-protonfixes: Added workaround that uses Proton 5.0 to install .NET into the prefix for Space Engineers (.NET installation is broken on wine 6.0+, thanks manueliglesiasgarcia! )
-protonfixes: Added vcrun2019 to Madden NFL 21 -- fixes multiplayer desync (thanks Alexithymia2014!)
-protonfixes: Gothic2: account for varying casing in game paths (thanks codicodi!)
-protonfixes: Uplay overlay disabled for Assassin's Creed: Odyssey (thanks PolisanTheEasyNick!)
-protonfixes: mfc42 override added for GT Legends (thanks otokawa-mon!)
-proton-valve: Imported fixes for paradox launcher from proton upstream
-proton-valve: Imported fixes for Nickelodeon All-Star brawl from proton upstream
-proton-valve: Imported fixes for WRC8/9/10 from proton upstream
-proton-valve: Imported fixes for Satisfactory multiplayer from proton upstream
-proton-valve: Imported fixes for Fallout 76 crash from proton upstream
-vkd3d-proton: Update to git
-vkd3d-proton: DXR 1.1 is now experimentally exposed. It can be enabled with VKD3D_CONFIG=dxr11.
-vkd3d-proton: Resizable bar now enabled automatically if available. NOTE: You may need to disable this in eGPU setups to avoid performance issues: VKD3D_CONFIG=no_upload_hvv
-vkd3d-proton: Marvel's Avengers now playable (again)
-dxvk: Update to git
-faudio: Update to git

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-Added protonfix that allows Apex Legends to run (It needed winetricks xact in order to not crash at black screen. This allows it to at least get to the character screen. Still does not allow to join match due to EAC)
-Added protonfix that allows to run
-Added patch that allows RaceRoom Racing Experience to run (Thanks Alistair Leslie-Hughes!)

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-Added protonfix for Syberia black screen (runs in a window, you will want to use gamescope to upscale)
-Added protonfix for Japanese version of Tree of Savior (we already had one for the English version, thanks Alistair Leslie-Hughes!)
-Added patches that allow EA Desktop beta client to work (Thanks Esdras Tarsis!)
-Removed deprecated mouse focus patches (no longer used in upstream proton) -- fixes mouse focus issues in some various games.
-Added uuid-dev package to build environment to fix antlr build dependency (thanks Optimus22Prime!)
-Imported proton experimental build environment updates
-Imported proton DLSS patches/updates
-Updated dxvk-nvapi to proton experimental version (for DLSS)
-Updated wine and wine-staging to 6.19
-Updated vkd3d-proton to latest git
-Updated dxvk to latest git
-Updated FAudio to latest git

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-This is a hotfix, I forgot to update the mono version in the proton build environment (whoopsie). Fixes mono install request popup.

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-hotfix added for hitman 2 and death stranding hangs (thanks Paul Goffman!)
-patches added from proton upstream to allow deathloop to run (thanks Paul Goffman!)
-protonfix added to allow crysis remastered to run
-protonfix added for Sonic CD (thanks Chloe Stars!)
-protonfix added for Bejeweled 3 (thanks Chloe Stars!)
-steamhelper patch added so it no longer requires a large revert patch in wine (thanks openglfreak!)
-wine + staging updated to 6.18
-dxvk updated to git
-vkd3d updated to git
-faudio updated to git


(1) A large amount of changes have been added in this WINE release for HID gamepad support, as noted:

HID joystick enabled by default.

Two additional pending upstream patches have been added on top of this for better functionality. Currently proton's SDL gamepad patches have been disabled in favor of WINE upstream's HID implementation. I did my usual test with Guilty Gear Strive and everything seems to appear OK. The test is done in the dojo, with one xbox controller and one ps5 controller -- both controllers showed up fully functional for player 1 and 2, and proper button mappings and button images showed and worked.

Another note regarding GG Strive in particular with the testing:

# note you have to take some funky steps for 2 player to work in training mode (not linux specific):

I have not tested any force feedback games and am not sure if patches for that have been added. Unfortunately re-enabling the SDL patches will require a -massive- list of reverts, so for the time being as mentioned, the default HID joystick impementation is being used and proton's SDL patches disabled, at least until proton upstream rebases.

(2) Deathloop seems to very much dislike alt+tabbing out. For me it would freeze the game. Other than that it appeared to be playable.

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Nothing too crazy in this release, mainly just updating to 6.16 and other relevant submodules to latest git

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-Fixed regression that broke TemTem
-Fixed regression(s) that broke Tokyo Xanadu eX+
-Added workaround that skips CoD Black Ops III videos (allows game to be playable).

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NOTE: Due to the symlink updates for steam cloud saves, you will want to remove your old game prefixes so that they are properly regenerated with new symlinks. Your games may not launch otherwise:

Proton Game and Prefix Launch troubleshooting:


  • Import proper steam cloud save fixes from upstream proton

  • Import Project Cars III window focus fixes from upstream proton

  • Import Tokyo Xanadu Xe+ ASF fixes from upstream proton

  • Import Guilty Gear Strive cloud save path fixes from upstream proton

  • Import multiple font fixes from upstream proton

  • Fixed crash with Hitman 2

  • Added workaround for FFXIV broken login button
    There are two executables shipped with FFXIV for the launcher -- ffxivboot.exe and ffxivboot64.exe.
    Each one has a 'new' launcher mode and an 'old' launcher mode. The 'old' launcher mode is what we use to login on linux,
    however it uses mshtml and jscript by default, which break the 'Log In' button.
    The normal way to usually get around this is to just press enter after you input your password,
    but that can be annoying when you accidentally hit the button.

    Here is where the workaround comes in. The ffxivboot.exe has a built-in function called IsTransgaming,
    which tells the old launcher mode to use CEF instead of mshtml+jscript. When IsTransgaming is triggered,
    CEF gets used and it fixes the log in button. ffxivboot64.exe does -not- have this. Additionally, a
    patch was needed to trigger IsTransgaming. So, FFXIV has been configured to use ffxivboot.exe instead of ffxivboot64.exe,
    the patch to trigger IsTransgaming has been applied, and the old launcher mode is configured to be used.
    This allows the old launcher mode to be fully functional.
  • Added FFXIV frame timing configuration for DXVK to resolve some stuttering, noted here: doitsujin/dxvk#2210

  • Re-added missing mfplat stub that was accidentally removed from staging's mfplat patches. This re-fixes some unity games that had broken mfplat in 6.14 (Notably Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid)

  • Added pending upstream wine patches for Riftbreaker

  • Added pending upstream winelib patch (fixes

  • vkd3d patch added for Diablo II Resurrected (Note: This was added in case it fixes other games. Running non-steam games with proton is -not- supported).

  • Wine + Wine-staging updated to 6.15

  • DXVK updated to latest git (fixes Endless Legend and Borderlands 2 crashing)

  • vkd3d updated to latest git

  • Faudio updated to latest git

  • Rebased proton sdl joystick patchset. Removed:

[PATCH] winebus: Make it more explicit how we are checking for duplicate devices

Fixed by:

winebus.sys: Fix duplicate lnxev / hidraw device lookup.