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List of Broken things to fix + to do before release (Version 2.0.2)

  • DCCL
    • Full support for custom repeated encoding (right now repeated fields get N calls of the single codec)
    • Provide a basic delta-differencing codec like the DCCL v1 <max_delta> feature.
    • Basic CCL support via custom ID encoder to replace pREMUSCodec
    • Support for Protobuf message extensions? (doing this may be nasty) will not add.
    • Why does size() use FieldType_? (should use WireType_)
    • Remove unused hook framework
  • Modem Driver
  • AMAC
  • Queue
    • Do check for Queue fields existing
  • pAcommsHandler
  • Liaison
    • Split out liaison into modules to dynamically load
    • Scope needs to discard unneeded mail when paused or not in view
  • goby::glog
  • Documentation
    • User manual
    • Developer manual
      • Fix information about Goby-Queue
    • Provide assignment instructions for DCCL IDs
  • MOOS v1 backwards compatibility

List to do before release (Version 2.0.3)

\* Liaison 

\* Right click menu for copy from Liaison scope

\* goby::glog 

\* add support for redirecting *groups* :strike:\`to a different stream (not just verbosity)

*` ApplicationBase_

* Split AppBaseConfig_

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