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Signed-off-by: David Gageot <david@gageot.net>
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Google Cloud Container Builder official builder images

This repository contains source code for official builders used with the Google Cloud Container Builder API.

Pre-built images are available at gcr.io/cloud-builders/... and include:

  • bazel: runs the bazel tool
  • curl: runs the curl tool
  • docker: runs the docker tool
  • dotnet: run the dotnet tool
  • gcloud: runs the gcloud tool
  • git: runs the git tool
  • go: runs the go tool
  • gradle: runs the gradle tool
  • gsutil: runs the gsutil tool
  • kubectl: runs the kubectl tool
  • mvn: runs the maven tool
  • npm: runs the npm tool
  • wget: runs the wget tool
  • yarn: runs the yarn tool

Builders contributed by the public are available in the Cloud Builders Community repo.

File issues here, or e-mail gcr-contact@google.com if you have questions about the usage of these build steps or the Cloud Container Builder API in general.