VSTS Extension for deploying to Google Cloud Platform services
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GcpLogo Cloud Tools for Team Foundation Server

This repository contains an extension for Team Foundation server and Visual Studio Team Services. The extension provides a new service endpoint and several build tasks for interacting with Google Cloud Platform.


This extension is in private alpha. Approved users can get the latest version on the Visual Studio Marketplace. Anyone can get the source and package of the latest release from GitHub Releases. The latest development version is available from AppVeyor.

You can build the vsix package from source, and then upload and install the extension from the extension management page of TFS.


For Documentation on using the extension, see DETAILS.md


Issues are tracked on GitHub. Questions can be asked on StackOverflow



  • PowerShell: Installed by default on modern windows platforms.
  • Node.js: Download and install from the website.
  • npm: Installed along with Node.js.
  • TypeScript: Install with npm install -g typescript
  • tfx: The tfs cli. Install with npm install -g tfx-cli
  • mocha: A JavaScript test runner. npm install -g mocha
  • ts-node: Used by mocha to run TypeScript directly. npm install -g ts-node
  • nyc: The Istanbul code coverage tool. Install with npm install -g nyc

Build Script

Execute build script ./build/BuildExtension.ps1. It will download needed modules, build the common files and build tasks, and then package everything into ./bin/Google Cloud Tools.google-cloud-tfs-<version>.vsix.


See our Contributing guide