A book to learn GraphQL with a hands-on approach
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Fullstack GraphQL

An open source book about full stack GraphQL development with React and Node.



Brought to you by GraphCMS


Each chapter is written in a markdown file in the manuscript folder.

Every image in the book is located in manuscript/images.

The order of the chapters is determined by the Book.txt file.

Sample.txt defines the content of the book's sample chapter.


All types of contributions are welcome! Here is a little guide on how to contribute.


If you see a bug or typo please open a GitHub issue.


To contribute with code fixes, please remix the example on Glitch and create a Pull Request referencing the fix's Glitch URL.

New chapters

Please file an issue to suggest new chapters. Chapter suggestions are always welcome! But please don't create a PR with a new chapter before discussing about it, because it may not get accepted. Your time is golden, use it well!


If you have any questions regarding the book, or GraphQL in general, please create a new conversation in https://spectrum.chat/graphql instead of a GitHub issue.


CC Attribution NC SA

This book is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike 4.0 International license.