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If you'd like to read the GraphQL Guide, and if you can afford to purchase it or if your company reimburses you for educational materials (most do πŸ‘), we would value your support:

Chapter 6

Numbered branches (0 and up) have the most up-to-date code (often newer than the most recent published revision of the book). When code has changed between book revisions, a new code version is created, and each branch is tagged, with the naming format [step]_[version]. For instance, version r1 of the book was published with version 0.1.0 of this repo, so the tag for step 5 was 5_0.1.0.



Thank you to everyone who has contributed πŸ˜ƒπŸ™Œ


We welcome issues and PRs! For large changes, we recommend opening an issue first to get feedback before putting in the work of a PR. Minor things like typo fixes can go directly to PRs and will usually get a quick response 😊

When editing code that's part of the book, submit the PR to the corresponding step branch (eg branch 3 for step 3) instead of to master.

Github PR creation

Setting the base branch to step 3