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The vehicles portion of the UT3Style mod for Unreal Tournament 2004.
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The vehicles portion of the UT3Style mod for Unreal Tournament 2004.

How to compile

  • Clone this git repository into the UT2004 folder.
  • Download all the required binary dependencies. This is done by running This will put binaries into the usual subdirectories one directory above the working directory. You can override the directories by setting environmental variables TEXTURES_DIR, ANIMATIONS_DIR, SOUNDS_DIR, STATICMESHES_DIR and SYSTEM_DIR. The script is smart and will only update your files when necessary.
    • On Linux, simply run: ./
    • On Windows, download wget64.exe and place it in C:\Program Files\Git\mingw64\bin\ as wget.exe (renaming is important!), then open Git Bash, go to the directory you have this git repository cloned in and also run ./ just like on Linux.
  • Obtain and install the UT3Common package.
  • Add to your UT2004.ini these lines, after the other EditPackages lines:
  • (Re)move the UT2004/System/UT3Vehicles.u file.
  • Run ucc.exe make from the command prompt, this should create a UT3Vehicles.u file in UT2004/System.

Binaries.csv consistency

Build Status

The Binaries.csv file is supposed to always be consistent. Travis CI ensures that it is. If the image above shows a build failure, that means it has gone out of sync (dead URL etc.) and needs to be put back into sync.

Currently Travis is not testing building the whole thing itself, since it relies on UT2004 being installed.

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