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The Open Source Phasor Data Concentrator

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Note on IPv4 vs IPv6 in the openPDC:

The default IP stack for most new Windows systems is IPv6, this means all connections will default to IPv6 unless otherwise specified. If you want the openPDC to use IPv4, the server and client connections can be configured to use the IPv4 stack by specifying “;interface=” in the relevant configuration settings and connection strings. The interface setting is used to specify the IP address of the network interface controller (NIC) to use for the connection – an IP of zero means that the default NIC should be used for the connection; the format of the interface IP setting determines the IP stack version, i.e., IPv4 or IPv6, to use for the connection, for example, to force use of IPv6 you would use “;interface=::0”.

Note: you can get a quick optimization of the openPDC run-time assemblies by using the .NET native image cache NGen.

The most recent system API help and documentation can be downloaded from the Nightly Builds - it's included with the binaries. This help can be used as standalone, compiled help files (.chm) or can be directly integrated within Visual Studio. We have also made our help system available online: Synchrophasor Protocol Classes Documentation

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