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- no longer limit jet lengths since we can scale them bb41683 (which fixes #318 )
- better handling of JiveXML objects (pt and fix cuts to match, out-of-bounds angles etc)
- handle compound objects consistently (and added electron and photon which fixes #319 )
- refactored some elements of the runge kutta

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Phoenix is a TypeScript-based event display framework, using the popular three.js library for 3D. It focuses on being experiment agnostic by design, with common tools (such as custom menus, controls, propagators) and the possibility to add experiment specific extensions.

It consists of two packages: a plain TypeScript core library (phoenix-event-display) and Angular example application (phoenix-ng). A React example is also provided. The core library can be adapted for any experiment with some simple steps.

Phoenix is supported by the HEP Software Foundation and is the official web event display of the ATLAS experiment.

It was selected for Google Summer of Code support in 2019 and 2020.

You can see the stable version at and the development version at


Phoenix demo



For running both the event display and the Angular app, you will need Node.js, yarn and lerna.

Once you have Node.js and npm (npm comes with Node.js), install yarn and lerna.

npm install --global yarn lerna

Then run the following commands.

# Install all the required dependencies for both phoenix-event-display
# and phoenix-app and symlink the packages
yarn install:dependencies

# Run both packages in development/watch mode
yarn start

Now both the phoenix-event-display and phoenix-app will start in development/watch mode. Any changes made to the phoenix-event-display will rebuild and hot reload the phoenix-app. You can access the app by navigating to http://localhost:4200 on the browser.


Run the following Docker command to start Phoenix locally using Docker.

docker run -dp 80:80 9inpachi/phoenix

Access the app by navigating to http://localhost on the browser.


Phoenix presentations

Phoenix was presented at the HSF/WLCG virtual workshop and the presentation can be watched on YouTube


Best is to either open an issue in GitHub, start a discussion or talk to us on our gitter channel.