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Hackdromeda is a high velocity cross-functional programming team which participates in hackathons, contributes to open source projects, and solves problems.

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  1. cloudcite Archived

    The best bibliography generator. No pop-up ads, no gimmicks, no registration required, always secure (SSL, TLS 1.3, HSTS, and CSP), always fast (HTTP/3.0 and Brotli Compression) and 100% Open Sourc…

    JavaScript 16

  2. polibugs Archived

    Polibugs is a nonpartisan tool to provide balanced viewpoints on the news.

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  3. BugBrowser Archived

    Bug Browser provides information security, programming, and bug education and reference all in one skill. Bug Browser will teach you how to hack, tell you what a specific bug is, check if you have …

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