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HHH Program Materials & Resources


This repository contains materials and resources pertaining to the program that was run in 2018. This is a summary of the contents, by folder:

  • Application Process

    • Application Form 2018 - The program's application form.
    • Application Marking Rubric - The rubric that each application was marked against.
  • Participant Conference Brochures

    • Template Brochure - A template of the brochure that was given to each participant for each conference.
  • Phone Interview Resources

    • FAQ - Frequently asked phone questions and answers
    • Phone Interview script - Script and form for phone interviewers to follow and fill out whilst interviewing participants.
  • Policy Documents

    • Anti-harassment Policy
    • Participant Application Terms and Conditions

Application Process

The program ran to the calendar year.

Stage 1: Written Application

Written applications opened in Q4 of 2017, closing in December. Submitted applications were then anonymised (including selectively scrubbing all personally identifiable information from answers) and distributed to assessors at random. Each assessor marked a subset of all written applications against the rubric, with each application being marked at least twice. Scores were then averaged, with the top scoring applicants being invited through to a phone interview.

Stage 2: Phone Interview

Applicants that accepted a phone interview had a 30 minute conversation with an assessor, following the Phone Interview Script. Answers were recorded by hand and again marked against the rubric. Scores were then averaged with the written application, and the top 14 scoring applicants were awarded a place in the 2018 program.


Participants were sent to three conferences across Australia: CrikeyCon, BSides Canberra and OWASP AppSec Day.

The organisation of flights and accommodation was completed at least one month in advance of the conference dates via a corporate travel agent. At each conference, participants were provided with a conference brochure telling them what to expect and providing answers to FAQ, etc.


This repository is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Australia (CC BY-NC 3.0 AU) license. See for more information.


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