Java Arduino API to prototype arduino based apps in java
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Java Arduino Prototyping API (version: 0.1, windows-only)

The Java Arduino Prototyping API helps you to quickly prototype Arduino programs,
without having to repeatedly load the program to the Arduino board.

1.) Load prototype.pde onto your Arduino dev board.
2.) Read instructions on how to compile and run Java programs on the Arduino wiki here:
3.) Copy the “im” dir to the “libs” dir in your Arduino IDE’s directory.
4.) Import the arduino pkg in your java program.



Digital I/O functions:
1.) Arduino.setHigh(pin_number)
2.) Arduino.setLow(pin_number)
3.) Arduino.getState(pin_number)
getState() returns true if pin state is high, else it returns false.

Analog I/O functions (currently not supported):
1.) Arduino.analogRead(pin_number)
returns the analog value
2.) Arduino.analogRead(pin_number, value)
sets the analog value

Misc functions (currently not supported):
1.) Arduino.turnOff()
sets all the pins to low state
2.) Arduino.close()
closes serial connection. Using this makes sure that you won’t have
to disconnect & reconnect the Arduino again to recover the serial port.

Example usage

//import the lib
import im.akash.arduino.Arduino;

public class TestMyArduino {

public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception{

you have to have your code in an exceptions block.
to know more about this,
read the Arduino wiki page on Interfacing with Java
which is linked to above in this readme

//the port on which the arduino is connected to is set via your Arduino IDE.
Arduino my_board = Arduino()

int i =0;
int[] pins = {13};

//declare output pins

//set digital high

//get digital state

//set digital low