Platform to hook into Unity3D assemblies


UnityHook is a simple platform for hooking managed function calls, targeting specifically assemblies compiled for Unity3d games.

Installed hooks allow overriding hooked functions' return values, essentially granting complete control over managed code execution in a targeted game.

Required 3rd-party Binaries

To the lib/ directory, you must add the following 3rd-party binaries; these can be found in the {GameName}_Data/Managed folder of the game in question.

  • UnityEngine.dll
  • Assembly-CSharp.dll
  • Assembly-CSharp-firstpass.dll
  • System.dll


Open solution, build Hooker, plop Assembly-CSharp.dll in the bin folder containing Hooker, run Hooker .../Hearthstone_Data example_hooks. Hopefully, see results in entity.log in Hearthstone's root folder.

Example entity.log

Of note, Newtonsoft.JSON is compiled specially for Unity, and involves removing anything dependent on System.Data.