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  1. hebi_cpp_api_ros_examples hebi_cpp_api_ros_examples Public

    Examples of using HEBI components through ROS, using the HEBI C++ API

    C++ 11 9

  2. hebi-matlab-examples hebi-matlab-examples Public

    Examples for the HEBI Robotics API for MATLAB

    MATLAB 22 15

  3. hebi-cpp-examples hebi-cpp-examples Public

    Examples for the HEBI Robotics C++ API

    C++ 7 12

  4. hebi-python-examples hebi-python-examples Public

    Examples for the HEBI Robotics Python API

    Python 13 10

  5. hebi-scope-feedback hebi-scope-feedback Public

    Issue tracker for the Scope user interface

  6. hebi-hrdf hebi-hrdf Public

    Contains XML files that describe the configuration of various HEBI robot kits

    Java 2 1


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