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HEBI Python API Examples

This repository contains examples to go with the online documentation that help to get started with the HEBI Robotics APIs for Python.


All examples require the hebi-py pip package in order to run. You can install it through pip (i.e., pip install hebi-py).

It is expected that you have a hebi-py version of at least 2.2.0 for this repo.

Note that this revision does not support Python 2!

Additionally, some of the kits examples require the PySDL2 Package. You will need the SDL2 shared library for this to work. For Windows, this library is included for you in this repository.

Nightly API

If you want access to the newest API, you can download one of our nightly builds by doing:

pip install{version}.tar.gz

Visit to see which specific versions are available for download, as they may change.

Basic Examples

This folder contains examples that help you get started with the HEBI Robotics APIs for Python. There are separate examples for each of our different products:

  • X-Series Actuator
  • I/O Board
  • Mobile I/O

The examples provided in each product work progressively through the following concepts:

  • Lookup / Groups
  • Feedback
  • Commands
  • Gains
  • Trajectories
  • Kinematics
  • Example - Robot Arm

These API features and concepts are documented in more detail at:


This folder contains example code for various preconfigured kits. Additional documentation is available in the corresponding kit directories.

Kit Comment
Arms A variety of arm configurations, from 4-DoF to 6-DoF.
Igor A 2-wheel, 2-arm, dynamic balancing mobile robot

Advanced Examples

This folder contains examples that show less commonly used concepts.


Examples for the HEBI Robotics Python API




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