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MSSQL Heidi crashes when there is a field with propery datetimeoffset, see's it as bit #496

mkeus opened this Issue Jan 24, 2019 · 6 comments


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mkeus commented Jan 24, 2019


Steps to reproduce this issue

  1. have datatable with a column with type datetimeoffset(7) (in msssql management studio)
  2. select * from table; or click on TAB-Data
  3. application crashes

If you select all columns except the datetimeoffset column it works fine works fine, no crashes on table

strange thing.
If you do a view of the table columns (TAB: table) it shows the datetimeoffset(7) column as a BIT also shows BIT

Current behavior

See steps to reproduce, application crashes.

Expected behavior

show all data from table including the datetimeoffset column

Possible solution


  • HeidiSQL version:

  • Database system and version:
    MS SQL (EXPRESS) 14.0.2002
    MS SQL (Azure)

  • Operating system:
    WINDOWS 10


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ansgarbecker commented Jan 28, 2019

Relevant part of the crash callstack:

exception number   : 1
exception class    : EOleException
exception message  : Multiple-step operation generated errors. Check each status value.

main thread ($af80):
00aaa142 heidisql32.exe Data.Win.ADODB            TCustomADODataSet.GetFieldData
00a58c80 heidisql32.exe Data.DB                   TField.GetData
00a59120 heidisql32.exe Data.DB                   TField.GetIsNull
00b07457 heidisql32.exe dbconnection    6472   +7 TAdoDBQuery.IsNull
00db8d22 heidisql32.exe Main            8663  +10 TMainForm.AnyGridGetText
00949f46 heidisql32.exe VirtualTrees   33939   +8 TCustomVirtualStringTree.DoGetText
00948833 heidisql32.exe VirtualTrees   33413   +4 TCustomVirtualStringTree.GetText
00949e63 heidisql32.exe VirtualTrees   33923  +27 TCustomVirtualStringTree.DoGetNodeWidth
00939b28 heidisql32.exe VirtualTrees   26979  +85 TBaseVirtualTree.GetDisplayRect
00dbbb89 heidisql32.exe Main            9245  +28 TMainForm.AutoCalcColWidth
00da4b97 heidisql32.exe Main            5089 +175 TMainForm.DataGridBeforePaint

@ansgarbecker ansgarbecker added this to the v10.2 milestone Jan 28, 2019


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ansgarbecker commented Feb 10, 2019

I "silenced" that error for the next builds, so you should not get it any more, in any situation. Not sure if that's a good idea, you should definitely check that twice and report back.


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mkeus commented Feb 11, 2019

I still see the error when I select the DATA tab.
If I only select the field with type datetimeoffset I see a resultset with 'node' as value.

More info: when is select the datetimeoffset as last item in the query it returns fieldcount-1 so the datetimeoffset field is never selected. When there is a field behind the datetimeoffset field, it crashes.


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ansgarbecker commented Feb 11, 2019

The error is now not in .IsNull but in .GetValue, which renders my solution useless, I should even revert it.

I have no clue what this "Multiple-step operation generated errors" means. Can you shed some light on that?

@ansgarbecker ansgarbecker reopened this Feb 11, 2019


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mkeus commented Feb 11, 2019

It does not matter if I query 1 row with a null value for the field or an actual value. MS SQL management studio (MSMS) shows it as a datetime value.

I think the problem lies in the size of the field,
( --scenario 6

According to MSMS, The datetimeoffset field has the following properties:

Length = 10
precision = 34
numeric scale = 7


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bruce965 commented Feb 12, 2019

I noticed that in the "Table" tab, HeidiSQL does not correctly detect DATETIMEOFFSET fields.

The detected datatype is the same as the first previous non-DATETIMEOFFSET field.
I tested various tables and HeidiSQL versions, this behaviour is consistent.


I think the problem described by this bugreport is that:

  • In the "Data" tab, HeidiSQL tried to render the DATETIMEOFFSET field as the previous non-DATETIMEOFFSET field
  • This field happens to be a BIT (or maybe there is no previous non-DATETIMEOFFSET field at all)
  • DATETIMEOFFSET is not convertible to BIT

HeidiSQL never crashed on me when erroneously detecting DATETIMEOFFSET fields as NVARCHAR.
Only when detecting them as other values like BIT.

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