Mongo db driver using C++ reflection for database models
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Helium Game Engine

Mongo completely automates the serialization of an object to and from a MongoDB database. The Reflect C++ reflection library provides information about the member variable layout of a class of object. Model objects contain only a single new member variable: id, which follows the _id variable that stores the internal unique id of an object in MongoDB.


This module was written to implement the database modelling design pattern in C++ using reflection information provided by Reflect. At the moment its focused on correctly serializing C++ classes to and from BSON within the context of a database connection. Queries and indexes must be implemented outside the scope of this module. Inserts are only valid using a model object with a null id, and Updates are only valid with a model object with a non-null id.


Mongo was written to not rely on locks when accessing the database. Mongo::Database merely tracks which thread is intended to use the database connection, and it will assert if the wrong thread causes the connection to be used.