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HelpChat Toolbox

What is it?

HelpChat Toolbox is a toolbox of useful tools for HelpChat's Minecraft plugins, configs, and more!

It currently includes the following features:


HelpChat's Toolbox is hosted at


Starting Guide

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Install NPM, and NodeJS for your respective platform
  3. Install yarn globally (npm i -g yarn)
  4. Install the dependencies of this project (yarn install)
  5. Run the dev server (yarn dev)
  6. Start making changes! They'll be automatically reloaded @ http://localhost:3000/

Generating JSON Schemas for Converter Types

Run the command yarn generateschema, and pass it to the Converter. It will validate types for you at runtime.

UI Development & Design

Run yarn dev, and it will automatically reload the UI at http://localhost:3000/ as you make changes. Pages are generated from the pages/ directory, so to add a new page simply just create that file in the directory.

Feature Development

Converters are currently written in their own folder (converters/), directory. To test a newly created one you'll need to create a new page for it to see live updates in your browser, refer to the UI Development & Design section above for more information on developing with live-updates