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Hexastack is a social-techlab. We're specialized in web development. We build awesome things for a better web experience.

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  1. wit-api Public

    Node lib to easily interact with HTTP API

    JavaScript 17

  2. EazyChart is a reactive chart library 📈, it allows you to easily add SVG charts in your React and Vue web applications.

    TypeScript 17 13

  3. rasa-api Public

    rasa-api is a node package that allows you to easily configure and train your NLP through Rasa HTTP API.

    JavaScript 14 3

  4. Simple module for implementing a chatbot. (EXPERIMENTAL STAGE)

    JavaScript 2

  5. Forked from d3/d3-axis

    Human-readable reference marks for scales.

    JavaScript 1

  6. Genom Public

    Nodejs API consumer for Genome Link

    JavaScript 1



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