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Netlify Lambda Tailwind Static Starter demo

A starter project with Netlify Lambda, Tailwind CSS and static pages.

Deploy to Netlify

There's a lambda generating random emoji 👍 at ./src/lambda/emoji.js

The index page is just HTML with inline scripts.

A JavaScript function intercepts form submits and sends them using fetch instead. There's also a helper to get field values using their name, see getFieldValue(form, fieldName) on GitHub.

This is a good starting point for quick Lambda demos.

Development setup

You should run yarn before starting.

The following scripts are available:

  • yarn start: start the Lambda(s) and serving the static directory using Netlify Dev . Important: before start, yarn build:tw runs.
  • yarn build:tw: build the full set of Tailwind CSS utilities (useful for development), make sure to check what your site looks will look like live using yarn build:css
  • yarn build: run netlify-lambda build + Tailwind CSS production build (removes unused classes using PurgeCSS)
  • yarn build:css: Tailwind CSS production build (removes unused classes using PurgeCSS)
  • yarn lint and yarn format: runs XO, the "JavaScript linter with great defaults" (see with or without the --fix flag respectively