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Enjoy colors and feel happy

Coulr is a color box to help developers and designers. Currently, it allows to:

  • convert RGB color to its Hexadecimal value and vice versa
  • copy selected color


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Coulr is currently in version 1.6.3

Installation instructions

Archlinux-based distributions (AUR)

yaourt -S coulr

Build from source

Build and install by running:

sudo python3 build
sudo python3 install

Developer install

Installing Coulr with develop mode creates binaries that link back to source code. Therefore changes will be reflected immediately with no need to repeatedly install.

sudo python3 develop

After that, change the value of the develop var in the coulr/ file to True. Finaly, launch Coulr:



Coulr uses open-source projects to work properly:


This project is under MIT licence... so do what you want with it :)

Help me

That would make me very happy you make me feedback on using the software. Thanks for your interest and see you soon!