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CASSANDRE - Diary for qualitative analysis

License: GNU Affero General Public License


Home page:


Cassandre is a server software. There is no need to install it on your own computer to use it. The usual way is to be "hosted" by one's own institution (ask your system administrator). If your use cases meet our research interests, we can also host your data on our community server.

Installation requirements

Installation procedure

docker-compose up -d running_infrastructure
docker-compose run --rm push_app

Two services are now available:

Authentication settings

CouchDB authentication

If you want users to be managed by CouchDB:

  1. Go to the CouchDB administration interface.
  2. Create a database named '_users'.
  3. In this database, create a user document. For example:
    "_id": "org.couchdb.user:alice",
    "name": "alice",
    "type": "user",
    "roles": [],
    "password": "myGreatPassword"

LDAP authentication

If you want users to be managed by the LDAP server of your organization:

  1. In docker-compose.yml
  • move ports section from service proxy to service ldap_proxy,
  • in the depends_on section of service running_infrastructure, add ldap_proxy.
  1. In conf/couchdb.ini
  • uncomment the authentication_handlers directive with proxy_auth,
  • change the secret with a secure password.
  1. In aaaforrest.json
  • change the forwardedSecretLogin with the secure password chosen in step #2,
  • set LDAP settings to fit your own LDAP server.
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