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Hypixel Public API (Java)

This is a Java implementation of the Hypixel API


Hypixel PublicAPI documentation can be found in the Documentation. Java documentation can be found mostly in the code or JavaDocs.


You can use this API as a dependency via JitPack. In the future it will be deployed to a public maven repo.

Query Limitations

The API server has a request limit of 120 queries per minute. Abuse of the API will lead to your API key being banned.

Obtaining an API Key

You can obtain an API key by joining with a valid Minecraft account and running the /api command. You will then be assigned a unique key that is to remain private.


The Hypixel PublicAPI has the following dependencies:

  • Google Gson library
  • Guava: Google Core Libraries for Java
  • Apache HttpClient

Bug Reporting

You can create an issue here on GitHub to report a bug with the API or to suggest enhancements.


HypixelAPI © 2019


  • Add a proper copyright header to all files.
  • Deploy to a public maven repo.