A Turtle validator on command line and in browser
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RDF NTriples/Turtle validator using Ruben Verborgh's N3 NodeJS library. Validate Turtle and Ntriples documents on syntax and XSD datatype errors through command line.

© 2014, 2015 - IDLab - Ghent University - imec Source code: https://github.com/MMLab/TurtleValidator


npm install -g turtle-validator


$ ttl <path-to-file ...>
$ curl http://data.linkeddatafragments.org/dbpedia -H "accept: text/turtle" | ttl
$ ttl http://triples.demo.thedatatank.com/demo.ttl

Or install the browser client

# Equivalent to: npm build
npm install
browserify lib/validator.js -o public/js/ttl.js

Then use it in your browser using the index.html in the public folder. You can run this locally as follows.

# Equivalent to: npm start
npm install
browserify lib/validator.js -o public/js/ttl.js