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A Formally Verified Compiler for Lustre

These source files contain the implementation, models, and proof of correctness of a formally verified Lustre compiler

This file contains instructions for (i) using the compiler from (ii) a local opam installation.

The examples/ subdirectory contains another readme file presenting several example programs that can be used to test the compiler.

The pre operator used in many Lustre programs is not yet treated. An uninitialized delay pre e must be replaced by an initialized one 0 fby e.

Compiler error messages are still very brutal. In particular the parser only reports syntax errors with a line number and character offset. We will implement more helpful messages when we have finalized one or two remaining details of the final language.

Artifact notes

In this artifact, we provide the totality of the source code of Vélus. Vélus depends on a tweaked version of CompCert, which is also provided. We have anonymized this distribution by removing the names of the authors of the submission from the source code. The artifact can be compiled and executed using the instructions below.

The stepper-motor example presented in the submission is available in the examples/stepper-motor/ subdirectory. We have already provided the code produced by the compiler after each pass in the same directory.

The doc/ folder contains the documentation generated from the Coq source files. The index.html file cross-references the Coq definitions relevant to the different sections of the submission. It also points to the different parts of the compiler outlined in figure 14 of the submission.

Using the compiler

To run the compiler:

./velus -h

In particular, typing

./velus examples/count.lus

will compile the Lustre program in examples/count.lus into an assembler program examples/count.s.

The compiler also accepts the options

  • -dnolast Output the Lustre code after compilation of last declarations into .nolast.lus

  • -dnoauto Output the Lustre code after compilation of state machines into .noauto.lus

  • -dnoswitch Output the Lustre code after compilation of switch blocks into .noswitch.lus

  • -dnolocal Output the Lustre code after inlining of local scopes into .nolocal.lus

  • -dnlustre Output the normalized NLustre code into .n.lus

  • -dstc Output the Stc intermediate code into .stc

  • -dsch Output the scheduled code into

  • -dobc Output the Obc intermediate code into .obc

  • -dclight Output the generated Clight code into .light.c

  • -nofusion Disable the if/then/else fusion optimization.

  • -sync Generate an optional main_sync entry point and a .sync.c containing a simulation that prints the outputs at each cycle and requests inputs. In contrast to main_proved, this entry point is not formally verified but it is useful for testing the dynamic behaviour of compiled programs. See examples/Makefile for examples.

Local installation

Vélus has been implemented in Coq.8.14.1. It includes a modified version of CompCert and depends on menhir >= 20190626.

To build a self-contained installation for compiling and running Vélus, we recommend installing an ad-hoc opam directory:

$ mkdir opam
$ opam init --root=opam --compiler=4.13.1
$ eval `opam config env --root=$VELUS_DIR/opam`
$ opam install -j4 ocamlbuild coq.8.15.0 menhir

To check the proofs and build Vélus:

$ cd $VELUS
$ ./configure [options] target
$ make

The configuration script uses the same options as CompCert's, except one additional -compcertdir option to specify the CompCert directory.