Python implementation of SAML2
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PySAML2 - SAML2 in Python

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PySAML2 is a pure python implementation of SAML Version 2 Standard. It contains all necessary pieces for building a SAML2 service provider or an identity provider. The distribution contains examples of both. Originally written to work in a WSGI environment there are extensions that allow you to use it with other frameworks.


PySAML2 uses the pytest framework for testing. To run the tests on your system's version of python:

  1. Create and activate a virtualenv
  2. Inside the virtualenv, install the dependencies needed for testing pip install -r tests/test-requirements.txt
  3. Run the tests py.test tests

To run tests in multiple python environments, you can use pyenv with tox.

Please contribute!

To help out, you could:

  1. Test and report any bugs or other difficulties.
  2. Implement missing features.
  3. Write more unit tests.

If you have the time and inclination I'm looking for Collaborators