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This is the official Inception framework docker build script.



Refer to the docker official website for installation instructions (Docker Community Edition). https://docs.docker.com/install/linux/docker-ce/ubuntu/

Building the docker image

Use the command bellow to start the installation.

$ docker build --no-cache -t inception/inception .


Network isolation bypass

The '--network' option enables docker container to bypass network isolation and get a direct access to the host network interface.

Disable cache

If builds fail for some reason but fresh update of the code is not needed remove --no-cache this allows docker to reuse what was compiled before.

Limit resources use

If docker uses too much resources you can throttle CPU resources or memory by adding (limit to 8GB ram and swap and 2 CPU Cores): --memory="8g" --memory-swap="8g" --cpu-period=100000 --cpu-quota=200000

Beware that the default compilation uses 12 parallel jobs (-j12) which may use too much memory and lead to compilation failure (oom killed), in that case it is possible to limit the CPUs used with the MAKE_JOBS parameter by setting it to a given value or .

$ docker build --memory="8g" --memory-swap="8g" --cpu-period=100000 --cpu-quota=200000 --build-arg  MAKE_JOBS=2 --no-cache --network host -t inception/inception .

it is also possible to use just the right number of jobs with:

MAKE_JOBS=$(($(nproc 2> /dev/null || echo ${MAKE_JOBS})+1)) 


docker run -i -t inception/inception /bin/bash

Refer to the repository usenix-samples for supported samples.