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Exploring the shapes of stories using indico sentiment analysis APIs
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Exploring the shapes of stories using indico sentiment analysis APIs. Implements a couple hacks to enable sentiment models to work reasonably well across long context windows Sentiment analysis is difficult to implement on long stories. This repo implements a couple hacks, to demonstrate how the indico sentiment API can be used to pick up long-range emotional landscape across long stories and movie scripts. We think Kurt Vonnegut would be impressed!

To install:

Navigate to a good place on your filesystem, then: git clone

If you don't have ipython/Jupyter installed yet, then install it: pip install -U ipython

Launch the notebook server. It will bring up a browser window. ipython notebook

Click on plotlines.ipynb and walk through the code. Either use the menu Cell > Run all to run everything at once, or use Shift + Enter to execute one cell at a time.

Follow the links in the notebook to get an indico API key, install any necessary modules, and find input data (e.g., movie scripts).

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