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Our guide to becoming a Power Programmer | Apply here:
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What is a Power

You Bring The Power

A short guide detailing who we are, what we do, how our hiring process works and why full-stack developers like working here. If you like what you see, you can apply here:


Why become a Power Programmer?

We designed the Power Programmer career track for polyglots who want more than programming-as-usual – for software engineers who are experts across multiple technologies and who have the power to play the role of a full-stack developer in complex engineering projects.

The work is complex, but the concept is simple; you bring the power, and we’ll give you the freedom to shape the future of technology.

A career progression built around your passion

The Power Programmer track is a three-step career ladder that takes you from Specialist Programmer to Principal Technologist – and every step of the way your role is 100% focused on programming.

Less meetings, more coding

We won’t waste your talent on pointless meetings, bureaucracy or box-ticking. Infosys Power Programmers are given the freedom to focus on their passion: programming.

Why work for one of the smartest companies in Silicon Valley, when you could work for them all?

Working across a startling array of products, technologies and organisations, there is always a surfeit of new problems for Power Programmers to find and solve. It’s like being a freelancer, but with the security of a highly-competitive paycheck.

If you want to create and lead on the code that powers the world's most innovative companies, sign up at

You just bring the power, and we’ll give you the freedom to shape the future.

Please note: at this time we can only accept applications for U.S. domestic candidates and candidates who do not require sponsorship by an employer for their visa (H1b or otherwise).

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