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Decentralized reputation and payments for peer-to-peer marketplaces.

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Ink Protocol is implemented on Ethereum as a Smart Contract and includes an ERC20-compatible utility token, called XNK, which is used for payments. XNK is a general purpose cryptocurrency that is:

  • Fixed supply (500,000,000 XNK)
  • Fractionally divisible
  • Non-inflationary
  • Fungible and transferable
Smart Contract features

Ink Protocol solves some of the most common and difficult issues with buying and selling on a P2P marketplace through the following features:

  • Decentralized feedback
  • Decentralized reputation
  • Decentralized escrow with third party dispute resolution
  • Mediation and Transaction Fees
  • Linked Addresses
  • Owners

Ethereum Main Network

Ink Protocol is deployed on Mainnet.

Contract Address: 0xBC86727E770de68B1060C91f6BB6945c73e10388

Rinkeby Test Network

Ink Protocol is deployed to the Rinkby Test Network. You may test your interactions with the protocol there and even request free test XNK from the contract.

Contract Address: 0xB03b5ad79e59dc60974021059C85D3BC397C8EDa

Please read our wiki page for more details.