A web based linux dashboard manager for the Intel Galileo and Edison with wifi configuration, pin control, service management, and other useful utilities. Also includes nodejs example projects and useful workflow tools for nodejs developers.
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A set of tools to wirelessly configure, develop, deploy and debug projects on Galileo Gen2 and Edison using standard text editors and web browsers. Makernode is designed for the Intel IOTDK to make it easy to get started with Javascript or Python development by suppriting developers who want to customize their existing toolsets - and want to have a completely wireless workflow.

The files here contain a work-in-progress POC of wireless configuration with a dashboard manager. The binaries required to quickly convert the IOTDevkit build into a wirelessly configured build are provided in the repo.

So far have tested primarily on OSX and Linux which have bonjour services preinstalled. For Windows please install Bonjour for Windows. This enables zero config so you don't have to type in the IP address into your browser.

We are planning to provide a build with the code from this repo included because the whole point of it is to simplify setup, but for now if you want to try it, download the IOTDK, please see the wiki for instructions of how to setup your Galileo, get the linux build, and connect to the web. The login and password defaults for the boards are "root" and "root".

Once your galileo is connected to the web, go to the home directory on the console and:

git config --global http.sslVerify false
git clone https://github.com/IntelOpenDesign/MakerNode MakerNode
cd MakerNode
npm install

This script will install the tools and configs you need:


To put the board back into startup mode, call the following script inside the sh/ folder.


The board will then restart in AP mode - at which point you can try our wifi configuration. To do this, select the wifi network Makernode-5char (5char will be replaced by the last 5 char of your Mac address, printed on a sticker on the top of your Ethernet port on the board). This is to distiguish it from other boards at hackathons.

Then open a browser and type in any address. The dns should route you to a configuration page hosted on the device. If you don't see the webpage, try typing:

In the future you can simply press the "reset" button on the galileo board for 5 seconds. There is a service that will reset the board to factory settings and reboot back into access point mode. This takes about 1 minute.

Here is a video demo of the configuration from Oct 4 on vimeo.


-Access point mode works well in most cases, during hackathons we have found that there are two many overlapping channels in the 2.4 ghz range. We are looking into using the 5 ghz bandwidth on the centrino cards.

-The makernode utilitiy has not been optimized to lower CPU on the Galileo. We are working to reduce this and let you toggle it on and off.

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