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Dockerfiles and build contexts for building docker images

There is 1 subdirectory for every image to build. Dockerfiles and build contexts are generated from jinja2 templates in tpls directory. The script generates the files, and can also be used to build docker images and to test them. To see more info do:

    python --help


    python -m pytest tests

Will build every image. Look at the test for example command lines.

Adding an image

  • copy one of the the existing directories
  • See for directions on adding a new configuration
  • create a new automated build on docker hub, copying build setting of existing image

Publishing a new release (Internal Use Only)

Disclaimer: Do NOT do this unless all packages for upcoming release have been uploaded to Intel channel on Anaconda Cloud. Best time to do this is right before FCS when all packages have automatically been uploaded and validated.

If we are publishing 2017.0.0 build number 2, then the docker image will have 3 tags: 2017.0.0-2, 2017.0.0, latest. Github Actions will create a Docker image after a PR is merged. The following steps are all that is needed to update our Dockerhub with our latest IntelPython.

  • Change update_number & build_number in Most of the time, the build number remains the same (#0) and the minor version is incremented (e.g. 2021.1.0 -> 2021.2.0)

  • Regenerate the READMEs and Dockerfiles for the individual images by running the following command

      python --gen all
  • Create branch and commit changes

  • Tag with the release name

      git tag -a 2022.0.0-0 -m '2022.0.0-0 release'
      git push origin update/2022.0.0-0
      git push origin 2022.0.0-0
  • Create PR, check that tests pass, and then merge PR. Github actions has been setup to automatically build the Docker image and push it to Dockerhub afterwards.